September 26, 2018

About Us

The Founder of New Young, Bronwyn White has been featured in:

Principal consultant Bronwyn White has been researching the buyer behaviour, attitudes and customer journey of baby boomers for the last 20 years and has worked in advising household brand names on how to connect with the most cashed-up, time affluent generation we will ever know.

We can help you if:

  • Your primary market is the +55-baby boomer generation
  • You are trying to generate leads to fill your funnel and ultimately sales
  • Need to create content
  • You are looking for research, marketing and sales help to connect with your ideal baby boomer customers
  • Need research but don’t have the budget for primary research

How to work with us

Our clients start with investing in our Marketing to Baby Boomers Playbook. The playbook is a syndicated ‘off the shelf’ market intelligence product available to you immediately.

The playbook is a comprehensive evidence-based guide on how to market to the most cashed up time rich demographic cohort of our lifetime.

We provide detailed insight and analysis with supporting actions and practical examples on how to market and connect with +55’s.

We break the research findings down into tasks.

The Marketing to Baby Boomer Playbook is the result of ongoing research into the buying and media habits of baby boomers. It will help you unlock the most profitable demographic we will see in our lifetimes.

The Playbook helps marketing teams and professionals power charge lead generation by helping to navigate the nuances, the language, the imagery and the messaging to connect with this market and forge profitable ongoing relationships with a truly disruptive market.

You will understand social media behaviours, search engine usage and find out how to maximise your digital and above line spending.

The ‘New Young’ will not be defined by age – in fact, they are fighting being characterised by age more than any other previous generation.

Understanding the nuances of the market is critical to avoid missing or repelling the purchasing decisions of the +55 sector

The Marketing to Baby Boomers Playbook tour guides you in making the best decisions in order to connect with the disruptive generation.

Our next playbook will be available in December 2021

Simply call  +61 (0) 408 225 766 or email [email protected] for further information on this one of a kind product.

Bronwyn has been researching baby boomers for the last 20 years. With strong experience in working for and with blue-chip companies including Qantas, government agencies including Destination NSW and multi-national research firm Kantar.

Bronwyn is regularly invited to speak at industry conferences, workshops and events to talk about best practice marketing, trends and the future of catering to the ‘disruptive demographic’ the baby boomer generation.

She owns and manages a well-respected seniors travel blog  and has written a book on Seniors Travel Tips, available on 

For Bronwyn’s full experience and background, check out her Linkedin profile.

Check out Bronwyn here on Sky News talking about seniors research and trends in the travel industry.

Talking Toilet Tourism with BBC World News