Interview Bronwyn White and Jacinta Phelan

Podcast: Bronwyn White with Jacinta Phelan, CEO of Senior Stays

Jacinta Phelan is CEO and founder of Senior Stays – finding the best travel deals for the +55’s seniors travel market. In this podcast we have a lot of laughs, share travel stories and tips on how to market to seniors. Bronwyn WhiteBronwyn White, is the CEO of New Young Consulting  a market intelligence[…]

growth hacking with baby boomers

Growth Hacking with Boomers 2020

In this tutorial, we talk about combining growth hacking principles with the most up-to-date research and insights on baby boomers. It may seem like an oxymoron combining baby boomer insights with growth hacking, but the main principles behind growth hacking are using data to drive decisions and one metric – growth. It makes perfect sense[…]

Bronwyn White talks about why we need to market to seniors

Is it really worth marketing to baby boomers

Is it really worth marketing to seniors? The answer is a resounding YES. The current wave of baby boomers coming through that are about to retire couldn’t be more different than previous older generations. You simply cannot afford to ignore this market. There are lots of them, they are cashed-up, time-rich and ready to spend[…]

Solo Travel for +55

Adventurous, Brave and Fearless: The +55 Solo Female Traveller

Solo boomer travel growth presents huge opportunity The Future of Seniors Travel Report is the biggest syndicated study ever completed in Australia on the planning and booking habits of the over 55’s travel market. Our latest installment for our baby boomer travel report clients includes an expose on the +55 solo traveller.  It is one[…]

marketing to seniors

Travel and Tourism Marketing 2020: The Disruptive Demographic

Marketers have less time and budget than ever before, yet the expectation is to achieve more than they ever did. Add to that the frustration of trying to navigate change and increase profits and productivity amid a backdrop of chaos and disruption. It is more important than ever, to practice evidence-based marketing. And all the[…]

Opportunities in Marketing to Seniors

In this podcast, I chat to Travel Writers Radio and throw out some compelling stats as well as showcase a few opportunities and quick wins.  10 minutes. Bronwyn WhiteBronwyn White, is the CEO of New Young Consulting  a market intelligence and strategic marketing agency that specialises in the seniors travel market. She brings with her[…]

Top 5 Content Ideas to Attract Cashed Up Senior Travellers

One of the major findings in our seniors travel research is that when it comes to marketing to seniors, you simply cannot have too much content. Seniors will literally spend hundreds of hours on the internet, whether it be for domestic or international travel over the course of the traveller path to purchase (customer journey).[…]

10 Seniors Travel Marketing Myths Busted.

In this infographic we challenge some of the stale thinking when it comes to marketing to the over 55’s travel market. Today’s travelling seniors spend hundreds of hours on the Internet researching travel over the course of the year! As a result, they have become experienced travel researchers and as their confidence grow, become more[…]