Why you should target senior travellers (more reasons)

Fast facts for crazy busy people.

  1. They have way more money than any other generational cohort.  Millennials may be ‘sexy’, but they have no money, or maybe money for 1 holiday a year.

ABS Data

2.  They have way more time than anyone else.  They may be fully retired, semi-retired, more flexible in their workplace or more likely to have plans to travel between jobs.

3.  They will fill your low season and solve your over-tourism problems, they don’t like the crowds.

4.  Those who travel, have grand plans to do so.  Planning multiple trips domestic and international per year.

5.  New Young Consulting research shows that 40% of Australian travellers over 55 plan to spend between $10k – $50K per person per annum on travel.

6.  They want to hear from you and are receptive to email marketing.  Especially ‘deals that pop into my inbox’.

7.  They will tell everyone what a great time they had on your tour, at your hotel or at your destination.  They are brilliant advocates.

8.  No one else want’s to market to them because they think that seniors don’t spend money…this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, less than 10% of marketing dollars are aimed at the 50+.

9.  We will never again see a more cashed-up and time rich demographic cohort in our lifetimes.

10.  According to Tripadvisor in 2019, millennials spend less than half on accommodation than baby boomers.

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